IPC Solutions introduces Hosted Teleconferencing System

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IPC Solutions introduces Hosted Teleconferencing System

Posted 08/12/2016 in General

IPC Solutions is excited to announce that it now offering a new hosted audio teleconferencing system.

The system is very unique in its functionality, security and ease of use as follows:

  1. You can have an access number in one or every state if you wish. (You can also have a 1800/1300 service but these are quite expensive.)
  2. You can have as many conference or room numbers as you wish as you have a dedicated access number. Usually it's the extension number of the conference organiser.
  3. The conference PIN is completely dynamic as the first person to enter the conference sets the PIN for all remaining participants. For the greatest security the PIN can be different for every conference.
  4. A conference begins when at least one authorised participant joins. Whether you are an authorised participant or not is based purely on your CallerID. All other non-authorised participants are held in a waiting area with music on hold.

Currently IPC Solutions is looking to charge $0.04 per/minute per participant with a minimum monthly charge of $20 which is probably about the lowest cost you will find anywhere.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in this service.

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