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Ad Hoc Support

If you anticipate that your system will require very few changes then Ad Hoc support may be the most cost effective support option for you. This is the default Support Contract where no other contract has been negotiated. For additional benefits and peace of mind, we suggest the Ongoing Support option.

How it works

  • All work is charged at the hourly rate below at 15 minute increments with a minimum of 1 hour on-site and 30 minutes remote access per request.
  • All work is performed as best effort and there are no agreed service levels.
  • If an outstanding account is recorded against the customer, the request may be refused until payment is made.

What uses Ad Hoc Support hours

Hours are used when IPC Solutions staff are engaged by the customer to perform any of the following:

  • On-site and remote system configuration changes
  • System maintenance and problem resolution including IBC Broadband Access services
  • System and feature upgrades that are not part of software warranty repair
  • Warranty and non warranty hardware replacements (Excluding any hardware costs)
  • Liason with third party service providers e.g. IT Service Provider or Carrier
  • Phone advice and training
  • Delays in any of the above not caused by IPC Solutions
  • Any other work not defined in the exclusions below

What does not use support hours

Support hours will not be used when IPC Solutions staff perform any of the following:

  • IBC Voice Service problem resolution where the problem is not due to the IBC Broadband Access Service
  • Software warranty repair (1 year from feature activation)
  • IPC Solutions account queries
  • Resolving issues caused by IPC Solutions staff or its representatives
  • Any work not requested by the customer e.g. IPC Solutions initiated preventative maintenance
  • Any work identified as a project e.g. costed separately


The following Ad Hoc Support charges apply (ex GST):

Charge Description    $Cost
During Hours Rate for work 8:00am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri exc Public Holidays    $140
After Hours Rate for all other times    $200

How to sign up

There is no need to sign up for anything. Just lodge your request and we will send you an invoice as required.

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