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NBN Transition Assessment

The build of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is well underway and is set to provide a high speed communications network for Australia's future. The impact of this change to a businesses existing infrastructure is considerable and a poorly executed transitions could result in considerable downtime. Read More

IPC Solutions can provide a NBN Transition Assessment which outlines steps and provides recommendations for the successful migration of all your telecommunications services to the NBN (except for a few special services). The assessment is either conducted as an onsite audit or an offsite audit via interviews, photos and copies of bills etc. IPC Solutions then presents a written report via email and is available to respond to questions.

Although IPC Solutions offers solutions for a successful NBN transition, the assessment is an independent consultative report.

The charge for this assessment is based on the number of services that appear on your telecommunications bill which is used as a basis for the review. If you decide to use IPC Solutions to manage your NBN transition within 3 months of the assessment, you will be credited this charge in full on your solution quote.

The charges for the assessment is as follows:

No. Services Type Charge
1-5 Onsite $250
1-5 Offsite $150
6-15 Onsite $350
6-15 Offsite $250
16 + Onsite Contact Us
16 + Offsite Contact Us

Please note that IPC Solutions will not be able to support an onsite assessment in all areas.

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