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How DTS works


The IPC Solutions Dynamic Teleconferencing System (DTS) is just that. Its all dynamic so once its set up, there is no need to configure anything else.

With legacy systems, you normally need to schedule or book a conference? This is required to allow the sharing of resources. But if you have designed the system so it will scale appropriately for maximum usage then this is unnecessary. Did you know that a teleconference room is purely a software construct that separates your conference from others. Why couldn't everyone have a room?

How it works

The system is connected to your existing telephone system either via a SIP Trunk or digital gateway as shown by the following diagram:

Calls enter the teleconferencing system either via a PABX gateway or directly via a SIP Trunk depending on the capabilities of the telephony system in use. The DTS is allocated an extension from the current telephone system number range as the Dial In Number.

Using the system

The system has a concept of internal and external participants. This is usually determined by the Caller ID but can be based on other call parameters.

Organising the conference:

All users have their own conference number, which is usually their extension number. The meeting organiser sends out a meeting request in their calendaring system to all the conference participants noting the following:

  • The Dial In Number;
  • The Meeting Room Number (Usually the organisers extension number) and;
  • The PIN (this is a number that is made up at the time by the organiser).
Joining the conference:

At the conference start time, participants call the Dial In Number and enter the Meeting Room Number and PIN. This is where the magic happens. The first person to join the conference sets the PIN dynamically for the remaining participants to match against.

At least one internal participant is required before an external participant can join the conference. External participants are placed in a waiting room with hold music if no internal participants have joined the conference.


The DTS can scale to hundreds of simultaneous participants and is dependent only on the hardware platform deployed.

IPC Solutions currently has DTS installed in a large Government Department hosting many conferences per day.


The system doesn't quite work the way you want it to? IPC Solutions is able to customise the solution to better fit your business requirements.

Ask us how! You may be surprised what is possible.


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