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National Broadband Network

The build of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is well underway providing a high speed communications network for Australia's future. The digital economy demands a fast and reliable network to enable; access to new markets, opportunity to reduce costs and drive innovation as well as gaining a competitive edge on the global stage.

This major infrastructure change does not just affect Internet services, but also telephone services such as telephone system, EFTPOS, Facsimile and Alarm lines.

Are you ready?

Things you should know:

  • Except for a few exempt special services, after 18 months of the NBN availability in your region, your current Internet AND telephone services will be disconnected. Although ISDN services are currently exempt, ultimately they too will fall into this category.
  • After 10 days of NBN availability in your region, no new affected services may be provisioned by any telecommunications provider. This means that transitioning a service to the NBN is one way e.g. the service cannot be reconnected on the old network. Bad planning could mean significant downtime for the service e.g. days.
  • The standard NBN Network Terminating Device (NTD) only provides at most two analogue lines at a site. If you have more lines that this then you require additional equipment to be installed. 
  • Most older ADSL modem/router devices are not compatible for connection to the NBN.

Now is the time to act!

Rather than wait till the end of the 18 month period, and then rush to get converted (along with many others in the area), plan for your NBN migration now before its too late. Being prepared is key to ensure a smooth transition to the NBN.

You could also be missing out on the many benefits that the NBN brings. When compared to legacy ISDN telephone services, NBN based VoIP telephone services could provide significant cost benefits to your business.

How IPC Solutions can help

IPC Solutions can help in two ways:

  • IPC Solutions can prepare an unbiased NBN Transition Assessment which outlines steps and provides recommendations for the successful migration to the NBN
  • IPC Solutions can manage the transition and provide solutions that are not just compatible, but designed for the NBN

          Have you been misinformed? You CAN connect your existing phone system to the NBN. Ask us how!

Why choose IPC Solutions?

  • We provide and fully manage future ready and feature rich communication solutions that are designed for the NBN
  • In most cases, we can provide a reduction in your overall telecommunications costs
  • We are an NBN Service Provider which means a single provider for both your telecommunications services and infrastructure support
  • We have experienced personnel and excellent product knowledge
  • We take your communications seriously by providing unique Ad Hoc and Ongoing support options giving you peace of mind
  • Our solution is extremely customisable and provides significant opportunities to integrate into business applications such as CRM

But the NBN is not even planned for my area!

Even though the NBN rollout for your area may be a long time coming, future communications purchasing decisions would benefit greatly from a transition plan.

All IPC Solutions Business Communications solutions can be installed on existing ADSL broadband services with the knowledge that your investment won’t be wasted when the NBN does come to your area.

Contact us now to discuss.

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