IPC Solutions Business Communications (IBC) is a fully managed communication service providing the following portfolio of products:

Network Services

A data network connects devices together to allow communication between systems, applications and users. The number and type of devices that can connect to a network is constantly increasing and can consist of computers, servers, smart phones, tablets, desk phones, video systems, TV's, system controllers, and the list goes on.

Usually a business has a private network (under their administrative control) which connects to a public network (the Internet). Access for devices to the network is usually provided by either cable using an Ethernet switch or via wireless using a wireless access device.

A network can consist of a single switch or multiple communications devices linked together across different geographical locations.

IPC Solutions can provide all your data network requirements with IBC Network Services.

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Internet Services

The Internet has essentially changed the way we live and is fast becoming the Internet of everything.

Unfortunately being an open public network means that without secure access, you essentially risk your network and devices being broken in to just like leaving your door unlocked at home. This secure access is usually in the form of a network Firewall which blocks all access to your network except what it is configured to allow. 

Of course, access into your network from a public network is often required by an increasingly mobile workforce. This is usually achieved using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection where controlled and fully encrypted access can be provided.

IPC Solutions can provide secure and reliable Internet connectivity and VPN access.
IPC Solutions also provides Internet Access Services including ADSL2+ and NBN.

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Telephone Services

Telephony has recently undergone the most significant change since the invention of the telephone over a century ago. No longer do you require dedicated circuits to carry telephone calls, but they can be carried over a 'connectionless' data network such as the public Internet using a method called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

This change provides considerable benefits including cost savings, removal of geographical boundaries and the development of applications that were simply not conceivable previously.

This technology presents challenges however, not present with circuit switched systems, which has led to poor quality services, especially in the early days. If done properly however, VoIP services should be similar or better in quality than legacy telephony services.

IPC Solutions is experienced in providing IP telephony services and is able to bring considerable benefits to your business. IBC Telephony provides a rich set of features all provided by the reliable and customisable IBC Communications Manager appliance and IP Phones.
IPC Solutions also provides VoIP Access Services usually allowing you to keep your existing telephone number.

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