We Take Security Seriously!

At IPC Solutions we take the security of both your environment and your data in our environment very seriously. With the proliferation of the Internet, network security is more important than ever before.

Here are some of the measures we are taking (tech talk warning!):

  • Use of known secure hardware and operating systems.
  • Device administration and IP phone passwords are complex, non dictionary, 10 digits long and are unique for each site.
  • External management access to IBC Communications Manager appliances and infrastructure¬†is via Secure Shell (SSH) and SSH Tunnelling on a non standard port using SSH Key authentication only.
  • SSH Keys are configured individually on systems providing granular administrator access with SSH access via password disabled.
  • Network information and passwords are shared among administration staff using an endorsed secure password management and Single Sign On system allowing granular configuration of user access policies. There is no emailing of passwords between staff and no need to change any passwords when a staff member leaves.
  • IBC Communications Manager access control lists restrict the registration of IP phones to internal networks only.
  • Inter-site connectivity is provided via enycrypted Open VPN tunnels.

Please feel free to contact IPC Solutions if you have any questions regarding the security of your network.

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