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Telephone Services

IPC Solutions provides future ready and highly customisable telephone services via the IBC Communications Manager appliance as part of the IPC Solutions Business Communications environment.

Communications Manager

The IBC Communications Manager appliance provides all telephony services to your site. This low power and highly reliable appliance has been developed by IPC Solutions to provide innovative and very customisable communication solutions.

The IBC Communications Manager connects directly to a broadband connection and uses VoIP based Internet Telephony to provide public telephone access.

IPC Solutions is a provider of Broadband (Internet) and VoIP services so can provide a full communication solution. This means only one company to call for all your business communications!

IP Phones

Telephony services with IBC has been developed primarily using the Cisco SPA500 series IP Phones. They are a high quality and cost effective portfolio of small business phones that provide a rich user experience with high-definition voice and intuitive menu options.

Cordless IP Telephony is provided by the Siemens Gigaset C610 IP which is a DECT handset that provides excellent features and coverage.

Analogue devices such as paging systems or intercoms are provided with an SPA112 Analogue Terminal Adaptor (ATA).

Telephony Features

The following list of telephony features provided by IBC Telephony is not exhaustive as considerable customisation and integration is possible. Rather than changing your business processes to accommodate a fixed set of features, we try to develop a solution around your business processes. Time to think outside the square.

System Features

  • Music on Hold (personalised)
  • Phone login and log out
  • 100 number System Speed Dial
  • Incoming Caller ID name display
  • Incoming Caller ID number display
  • Night Switch (with auto activation)
  • Ring Groups
  • Hunt Groups
  • Advanced queuing
  • Meet Me Conferencing
  • Voicemail with email delivery
  • Click to Call dialing from Mac Address Book and Outlook 2010
  • Click to Call API for system integration

User Features

  • Call Transfer and Call Hold
  • Three Way Conferencing
  • Last Number Redial
  • Call Forward All, Busy and No Answer to internal and external destinations
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Park
  • Intercom and Group Paging
  • One button Night Service activation
  • Corporate and User Directory
  • Speakerphone and headset support
  • Phone user specific features such as ring tone and display settings

Application Integration

The telephony system can be integrated into almost any Customer Resource Management (CRM) application that has an Application Program Interface (API). Currently WorkflowMax is supported and development is underway to support other applications (Xero integration is planned soon).

Contact information is downloaded from your application allowing features as follows:

  • Display of Client/Contact names on phones for incoming calls
  • A Click to Call directory of all your contacts allowing single click dialling
But this is just the beginning! With this integration, a host of communication based applications can be conceived. The sky is the limit!

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